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Projects Manual

We have discovered by teaching these courses over the years that students learn the most by doing course projects. Lectures teach them the technology and how to use it, but unless they apply it themselves to build complete systems, they do not assimilate the material. In addition, the process of developing a full system from conception to completion and seeing the fruits of their labor gives them tremendous satisfaction and confidence. We have developed 75 course projects from different application areas in IE/OR, business as well as engineering curriculum which you can download from this page. Each project description gives an overview of the decision problem, the underlying model, objective function, constraints, user interfaces, and reports for solution analysis. Students should regard these project descriptions as starting points of their projects and make creative changes to these as they deem fit.   

This Projects Manual is coauthored by Sandra D. Ekşioğlu, Michelle M.H. Şeref, Ravindra K. Ahuja and Wayne L. Winston.

Project Number
Project Title
All Projects
All Projects
Project 1
Snow Disposal Assignment Problem
Project 2
Bakery Distribution System
Project 3
Blending Problem
Project 4
Helicopter Flight Scheduling
Project 5
The Diet Problem
Project 6
Dairy Routing Problem
Project 7
The News Vendor Problem - I
Project 8
Machine Scheduling Problem
Project 9
Production Management at a Stills Mill
Project 10
Fire Station Location Problem
Project 11
Decision Support System for Hospital Management
Project 12
How to Prepare the Best Cookies...
Project 13
Quality Control Support System
Project 14
Spare Management Support System
Project 15
Statistical Process Control
Project 16
Support System for a Car Rental Company
Project 17
Support System for a Bus Transportation Company
Project 18
Production Management Support System
Project 19
Cash Flow Analysis
Project 20
Capital Budgeting
Project 21
The Lockbox Problem
Project 22
Simulation: An Application in Manufacturing
Project 23
Support System for an Agricultural Business
Project 24
Support System for Production Scheduling
Project 25
Task Management Support System
Project 26
Markov Chains
Project 27
Support System for a Job Assignment Problem
Project 28
Modeling Queuing Systems
Project 29
Making Decisions about Advertising
Project 30
Support System for the Multi-Period Capital Budgeting Problem
Project 31
Understanding the Central Limit Theorem
Project 32
Game of Words
Project 33
Simulating the Check-In Process in an Airport
Project 34
Decision Support System for Product Pricing
Project 35
Managing Product Quality
Project 36
Aggregate Production Planning Problem
Project 37
Reliability Analysis
Project 38
Constraint Shortest Path Problem
Project 39
Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Project 40
Economic Lot-Sizing Problem
Project 41
Facility Location Problem
Project 42
Knapsack Problem
Project 43
Estimating the Return on Investments
Project 44
Option Pricing
Project 45
Implementing a Combinatorial Auction Algorithm
Project 46
Tanker Scheduling Problem
Project 47
Traveling Salesman Problem
Project 48
Vehicle Routing Problem
Project 49
Managing Financial Instruments: Bonds
Project 50
Managing the Inspection Process in a Production Line
Project 51
Staff Management at a Call Center
Project 52
Choosing a Transportation Mode
Project 53
Random Number Generator
Project 54
Generating Random Variates
Project 55
Board Game: Connect Four
Project 56
Board Game: Lights Puzzle
Project 57
Board Game: Tic-Tac-Toe
Project 58
Board Game: TacTix
Project 59
Board Game: Diamonds
Project 60
Board Game: Dots
Project 61
Board Game: Collector
Project 62
Board Game: Tag
Project 63
The News Vendor Problem - II
Project 64
Warehouse Layout Problem
Project 65
Personnel Assignment Problem
Project 66
Degree-Contraint Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
Project 67
Multi-Item Production Planning Problem
Project 68
Land Management Problem
Project 69
Managing Customer Relationships
Project 70
Bin Packing Problem
Project 71
Managing Inventories
Project 72
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Project 73
Lot-Sizing in MRP Systems
Project 74
Library Support System
Project 75
Managing a Call Center