Web Chapters

On this page, you can download several chapters that we wrote as a part of the book but could not include in the printed copy due to the space restrictions. These chapters include 15 case studies we developed based on different applications arising in Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, and Management, and some general interesting applications.

Please click on Chapter Title to download the chapter, and click on Related Files to download all files related to the chapter.

Chapter Number
Chapter Title
Related Files
Case Study 11
Supply Chain Management
Case Study 12
Critical Path Method
Case Study 13
Capital Budgeting
Case Study 14
Animating Simplex Method
Case Study 15
University Information System
Case Study 16
Animating Kruskals Algorithm
Case Study 17
Technical Analysis
Case Study 18
Sales Force Allocation
Case Study 19
Option Pricing
Case Study 20
Stochastic Customer Forecasting
Case Study 21
Beta Stocks
Case Study 22
Case Study 23
Case Study 24
Poker Simulation
Case Study 25