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Projects Manual

We have discovered by teaching these courses over the years that students learn the most by doing course projects. Lectures teach them the technology and how to use it, but unless they apply it themselves to build complete systems, they do not assimilate the material. In addition, the process of developing a full system from conception to completion and seeing the fruits of their labor gives them tremendous satisfaction and confidence. We have developed 50 course projects from different application areas in IE/OR, business as well as engineering curriculum which you can download from this page. Each project description gives an overview of the decision problem; database design in Access; the queries, forms, and reports required; and user requirements for the desktop and web-enabled applications. Students can regard these descriptions as starting points of their projects and make creative changes as they deem fit. 

This Projects Manual is coauthored by Sandra D. Ekşioğlu, Abhijit A. Pol and Ravindra K. Ahuja.

Project Number
Project Title
All Projects
All Projects
Project 1
Book Store Database
Project 2
Library Operations
Project 3
Housing Department
Project 4
Course Timetabling
Project 5
Marble Factory
Project 6
Regional Utilities
Project 7
Decision Rules for Race Horse Wagering
Project 8
Tennis Ranking System
Project 9
Redesigning the MBA Curriculum
Project 10
Inventory Management at Blue Bell
Project 11
Selecting an All-Star Team
Project 12
Farm Management
Project 13
The Annual Bolder Boulder Race
Project 14
Supply Chain Design
Project 15
Inventory Routing Problem
Project 16
Billing System at the University of North Carolina
Project 17
Pharmaceutical Care System
Project 18
Internet and Exchange Billing
Project 19
Database for Course Timetabling
Project 20
Outdoor Patient Division Management
Project 21
Database for a Blood Bank
Project 22
Equipment Maintenance Database
Project 23
Spare Parts Management
Project 24
Allocating Crude Oil Supply to Refinery Tanks
Project 25
Job Scheduling using Heuristic Approach
Project 26
Personnel Career Management
Project 27
Management of Health Care Services
Project 28
Tender Evaluation Using a Decision Support System
Project 29
Incentive Bonus Database
Project 30
Performance Based Compensation in an Organization
Project 31
DSS for an Electric Utilities Company: Compliance with Clean Air Act
Project 32
Wood Panel Manufacturing
Project 33
Knowledge Management Database
Project 34
Managing the Outdoor Patient Division in a Hospital
Project 35
Water Treatment Facilities in a Municipal Area
Project 36
Asset and Liability Management
Project 37
Personalization in Data Mining
Project 38
International Student Information System
Project 39
Vet-Med Decision Support System
Project 40
CD Warehouse Management
Project 41
Emerald Realty Group
Project 42
Passenger Reservation System
Project 43
Decision Support System for a Financial Institution
Project 44
Decision Support System for Taiwan's Federal Aviation Administration
Project 45
Decision Support System for a Car Rental Company
Project 46
Human Resources Management at Shand's Hospital
Project 47
Information System for the "Clean-and-Go" Shop
Project 48
Information System for a Movie Theater
Project 49
Information System for an On-Line Electronics Shop
Project 50
Information System for the "Mediterranean Food" Store